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Mini MBA in Own Business Management

The essence of entrepreneurship is the passion that transforms an idea into a thriving business. The Mini MBA in Own Business Management teaches students about the innovation life cycle, including how to take an idea through to research and development, and introduce a new product or service to consumers. The programme will help students learn how to spot emerging trends and opportunities in the market that will sustain your business over the long term. Completing our Mini MBA in Own Business Management doesn’t mean that starting your own business will be your only option. An increasing number of established firms and corporations are looking for employees with an entrepreneurship mind-set. Employers across the board expect initiative and innovation from the Mini MBA.


  • The Mini MBA students who specialised in Own Business Management must take the following modules:
    • Module 1:   Business Management

    • Module 2 :   Financial Management

    • Module 3 :   Marketing Management

    • Module 4 :   Human Resource Management & Development

    • Module 5:   Logistics in Supply Chain Management

    • Module 6:   Entrepreneurship Management

    Term Paper will be either Business Management or Entrepreneurship Management

Assessment and Grading

Attendance :     30%
Initial assessment :     20%
Multiple Choice :      50%
Total Earning Percentage for each Module :      100%
Term Paper for Specialized module :      50%

Assessment Description and Passing Grades

There will be Ten (10) face-to-face or online teaching hours on this online module, and students are required to attend according to the schedules. Students who fulfilled the attendance will get 30% of grading. In order to successfully complete this module, students must complete the mandatory final Term paper for specialized module which is 50% of the assessment criteria, and they also require to participate in initiative assessment to get 20% and to sit Multiple Choice at the end of all the course works which will earn 50% for each module. Students need to achieve a passing grade of 50% or higher to complete this module.

Teaching Hour

Every program contains six (6) subjects. Every subject needs to fulfil at least ten (10) teaching hours.

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