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Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management will define what is meant by a sustainable supply chain. This is important, because most of us will immediately (and often only) think of issues related to the environmental impact of the production and distribution of goods and services. Whilst the environmental perspective is certainly very important, it is not the only perspective. To get a holistic overview of supply chain sustainability, all the perspectives of supply chain sustainability should be considered. Once you have a general understanding of the supply chain sustainability, you will look at the environmental, the financial, the social, and the external stakeholder or network perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, student should be able to:
• understand what is meant by sustainability in the context of the supply chain
• explain the four perspectives of supply chain sustainability
• assess the degree of sustainability in your (or any other) organization from each of these four perspectives, and provide suggestions for improving
• critically assess the extent of sustainability that is realistic in a given situation, and identify and explain the constraints to sustainability.

Course Content

  • Getting started with Supply Chain Management
  • Managing Supply Chain Process
  • Using Technology to manage Supply Chains
  • Driving Value with Supply Chain Management
  • Incoterms 2020

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